Politicians not suffering from O'Hare noise

Updated 7/7/2015 6:25 PM

I have lived in Schaumburg for 39 years and rarely heard jets flying over my house. This year as my husband and I sit in out in our back yard trying to enjoy some peace from the outside world, we have jets flying over our house one every minute.

That's right, one every minute.


I would like to know where the people who allowed O'Hare to open this additional runway live. I can bet it's nowhere near a runway.

Those in power don't care about the rest of us. Sitting here having to listen to this after 39 years of not having to listen to it is so aggravating. Whoever made this deal, I'm sure you are enjoying your added payoff as well as your serenity.

Politicians, if you're not for the people, you have got to go.

Deborah Beverly


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