Lake County Family Pays Tribute to Late Relatives at Dedication of Lambs Farm Tribute Garden

  • Title Sponsor Ed Rogan with wife Karen Rogan at the Tribute Garden siteNatasha Taylor

    Title Sponsor Ed Rogan with wife Karen Rogan at the Tribute Garden siteNatasha Taylor

Natasha Taylor - Lambs Farm
Updated 7/2/2015 12:02 PM

On July 23rd, Lambs Farm will dedicate its newest feature, a Tribute Garden. Designed to serve as a tranquil place for visitors, residents, family and friends to enjoy, Title Sponsor Ed Rogan named it The Ed, Olga and JJ Rogan Tribute Garden in memory of his late parents and uncle to honor them and the many special memories they shared visiting Lambs Farm over a number of years.

Rogan, a Mundelein resident, explains his family members came to the United States from Canada with Eastern European ancestry in the late 1920's, and were proud to have become naturalized citizens just as the Great Depression was beginning. For many years they struggled with no work, no family to fall back on and no prospects for the future. According to Ed, "no one would hire them, so they eventually had to start a business of their own." They did just that, and the Rogan Corporation is now in its 81st year.


Although the Rogans' did not have a family member with a developmental disability, they had a deep-seeded respect for the mission of Lambs Farm. In 1973, when Ed's uncle, who lived in Lake Forest, was receiving treatment at a nearby medical facility, he and his parents, who lived in Palatine, discovered the Lambs Farm restaurant. They marveled at the compassion of the staff and how dedicated the Participants were to their jobs. Because of their own experiences, they understood more than most the value of having a job, and truly admired how Lambs Farm provided a nurturing place for people with disabilities to live and work with dignity. The family became regular customers at the restaurant and soon began a long tradition of Christmas Eve dinners at Lambs Farm.

For many years, Ed searched for just the right way to honor his late parents and uncle. When he read about the new Tribute Garden, he knew it was his answer. The family's involvement in the Garden has inspired a reunion of many of their family members throughout the country, and most will be present for the July 23rd Dedication. During the ceremony, others who have contributed to the Tribute Garden, including the Benham and Rosengarten families, will also be honored.

A number of Tribute Garden naming opportunities have already been funded, but many other ways remain to honor or memorialize family or friends with planters, plaques, bricks, seating areas, pathways and other garden features. Please contact Joanie Bayhack for more information at 847.990.3733 or email jbayhack