Woodland Trails Park Undergoes Renovation

  • Tom Pope

    Tom Pope

Christine Powles
Updated 3/11/2015 7:21 AM

The stream banks near all three bridges in Woodland Trails Park are being stabilized to prevent destructive erosion that has been happening throughout the years. This is being done through a grant and not only saves River Trails Park District well over $100,000 but also will be a wonderful environmental enhancement.

Banks on both sides leading up to and away from the bridges will be sloped and reinforced with matting and native vegetation. To access the area, clearing needed to be done around the bridges, 95% of which was invasive, rotted, or diseased. Buckthorn, ash, black willow and box elder made up the majority of tree removals. It's a huge shock to those of us familiar with that area.


Once the contractors finish installation and bank planting, the Park District will put in several trees. "We hope to be adding extra tree planting with donations solicited from friends of the parks. Even though it will take a long time to recoup the shaded overhang so familiar to us, the present work will also protect the ease and access to the rest of the woods" said Tom Pope, Superintendent of Parks. This is the second most used park at River Trails and is known for its beautiful trails and forest.

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