County board chairman sends cost-savings ideas to Rauner

  • Aaron Lawlor

    Aaron Lawlor

Updated 3/7/2015 12:32 PM

Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor has sent Gov. Bruce Rauner a list of ways the state could help save his county money.

Rauner has proposed cutting the amount of state income tax money that gets sent to towns and counties, and the governor has asked local governments to look hard at their own budgets in an effort to freeze property taxes.


Lawlor's letter to Rauner outlines how much money the county could save if some state mandates were lifted.

For example, Lawlor says new state laws to expand early voting dates and locations are set to cost the county $1 million while previous efforts to offer more ballot opportunities haven't raised turnout.

Democrats who hold a majority in the General Assembly spearheaded the effort to try to give people more opportunities to vote, though, and lawmakers might not be likely to go back on it.

Lawlor says the memo isn't a list of demands but hopes it starts a conversation.

"But we've got to get relief on some of these things that drive our costs every year," Lawlor said.

A Rauner spokesman didn't return a request to comment.

Lawlor also suggests cutting back on the requirements to post legal notices in newspapers, suggesting the announcements be posted online instead at a cost savings of $238,000 per year.

The Illinois Press Association opposes similar proposals, arguing the notices are an important way for government to tell taxpayers what it's doing.

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