Endorsements: Boyle, Cawiezel, Mandel for Lisle trustee

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted3/1/2015 1:00 AM

Lisle is at a pivotal point in its downtown redevelopment. A dozen years after the village razed the old village hall at Main Street and Burlington Avenue, a developer has come forward with a proposal to buy the land and erect two apartment buildings.

Supporters say bringing new residents within walking distance of downtown restaurants and shops will boost the financial health of those businesses and the town. Detractors argue that more retail and services -- not more residences -- will draw consumers downtown.


If the village board chooses correctly and the development -- regardless of its ultimate design -- adds to the downtown, other revitalization projects are sure to follow and to enhance the village's revenue stream. The village needs dedicated trustees who will take the time to consider the details of this proposal and those that come after, who will talk with residents as well as experts and village staff, and who ultimately will come to their own conclusions about what is best for Lisle.

We believe voters should again put their trust in incumbents Mark Boyle, Cathy Cawiezel and Bob Mandel, who are joined in the race by newcomer Kristy Grau. Each of the trustees has demonstrated an eagerness to examine issues in depth and gather residents' opinions. They are all thoughtful and committed to the health and success of Lisle.

That's not to say they are in lockstep. Each is independent and comfortable holding and advocating for his or her viewpoint. On the issue of the downtown proposal, Boyle leans toward supporting the plan; Cawiezel believes the village would benefit more from having retail, entertainment and services at street level; Mandel supports the proposal, saying it is the village's lone option and the developer has responded to concerns raised in the planning process.

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