Endorsement: Adamson for Prospect Heights city clerk

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted2/15/2015 1:00 AM

Two qualified candidates are vying for Prospect Heights City Clerk. Both say communication is a priority -- especially improving the city website they agree is outdated. Both say making FOIA requests a smoother process for people asking for information and city staff is also important.

As a bit of background, in last November's referendum the voters said yes 62 to 38 percent to keep the clerk as an elected position.


Incumbent Stacey Adamson says that means the voters want the position to remain independent and want to retain her in the position. She brings not only her experience, but also with an engineering background, she could lend a voice, when asked, on water issues.

Challenger Wendy Morgan-Adams, who was asked to run by Mayor Nick Helmer, says in addition to communication, visibility should be important. She brings to the table her experience in local Rotary where community involvement is paramount.

Prospect Heights can do no wrong with either of these talented women. However, if the voters want the position to be entirely independent, the choice would be Adamson.

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