Question about young immigrants

Posted8/29/2014 12:01 AM

Question about young immigrants

A question for Martha Tuohy who thinks it's hogwash for others to point their fingers at the current president for causing the problem of thousands of children illegally pouring across our border with Mexico.

What can you tell us about the Request For Information put out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement that was looking for a "vendor" to transport Unaccompanied Alien Children down Mexico way? The request went out in January, 2014, long before most, if not all of us, heard anything about kids flooding across the border.

Now consider this: with his own mouth, Barack Obama declared that his presidency is-or-would-be the most transparent in American history. Well, since it's that transparent, is it possible that this requisition could have gone out without the president knowing about it, even if the general public did not? And if he did indeed know about this that long ago, why cannot he be held accountable to some extent?

John Babush

Big Rock

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