Do we need federal bureau of churches?

Posted8/15/2014 12:01 AM

A church is a private organization. It has a mission statement, either formal or implied or uses the Bible as its guide. I can understand why a church would want to have someone with similar understanding of the Bible.

When the choir master decided to "come out" and declare his marriage to a man -- he stepped over a line. He decided to publicly share his private life. I can think of many parts of one's private life be best left private.

In Ed Plum's letter of Aug. 9, there are so many misstatements that I would need to take over this page to fully answer them. This is but a sample, "Those churches that oppose homosexuality and gay marriage, are no different from those churches who opposed slavery." Ouch!

There is more. He alludes to writings that say one is born homosexual -- never scientifically proven. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal by Dr. McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, challenges that statement. There are many churches that have a different view and will accommodate all couples. Some will even allow multiple wives. That is their business, that is their choice.

The government has its nose in most everything we do. Do we want a Washington Bureau of Churches?

Dushan Lipensky


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