There's a legal way to immigrate

Posted7/21/2014 5:01 AM

In response to the letter of July 11 from Mike Junge: Mike, I did as you suggested and had a reality check regarding immigration reform. How true, I would not be here if my ancestors had not immigrated from Europe. They arrived at Ellis Island in 1912 on the first birthday of their infant daughter, my mother. They assimilated, became citizens, learned to speak English, worked hard and flew the American flag with pride.

Now you ask, "What is wrong with giving these immigrants the same chance our ancestors had for a better life?" I wholeheartedly agree. Except, my ancestors did not come into this country by crossing our border illegally. They did not become a burden to society. They were proud people who worked for everything they needed.

I suggest that you search for your ancestors on the many websites available. Perhaps what you discover will change your mind. Immigrate legally and you have earned the right to pursue the American dream!

Jan Schach

Mount Prospect

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