Suddenly, bus driver 'ain't so special'

Posted3/4/2014 12:01 AM

Suddenly, bus driver 'ain't so special'

Hello, Governor Quinn, President Obama and Dick Durbin. I am a part time school bus driver in Illinois. I earn $15-plus per hour wage with no health insurance privileges. I'm required to be certified for a CDL-B driver's license, drive a heavily secured, state certified and company maintained vehicle, responsible for 50-plus children several times each day, subject to random drug testing, annual physicals, and have to maintain a healthy and respectable lifestyle in my community.

Now you want to raise the minimum wage to $10 to $15 for inexperienced, untrained, hopefully enthusiastic candidates to the workforce.

Suddenly I ain't so special. What are you going to do for me? Hope my boss will give me a raise?

Ron Hameetman

Fox River Grove

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