Lots of time to decide if Cutler should go

  • Quarterback Jay Cutler is expected to draw interest from several NFL teams, but the Bears have to determine whether to move forward with him first.

    Quarterback Jay Cutler is expected to draw interest from several NFL teams, but the Bears have to determine whether to move forward with him first. Rick West | Staff Photographer

Posted12/10/2013 5:30 AM

I found it odd that talk of possible destinations for Chicago Bears injured quarterback Jay Cutler was publicized over the weekend.

The predominate team mentioned was Tennessee, which is home to Vanderbilt, where Cutler went to school and played. As the Bears and some of my media brethren state the case for Cutler's return, it seemed a little strange that story came out of nowhere.


Look, thanks to my deadline I'm writing this column early Monday well before the Bears take a snap in the game against Dallas.

But if the Bears decide to bid adios to Cutler, what will their quarterback plan be?

Some want Cutler only, others want Josh McCown, and others want both brought back.

If Cutler is signed and then traded for players or draft picks, then the Bears will still need to get another starter at a cheaper price or get a solid backup for McCown.

There will be plenty of interest in Cutler from other teams such as the New York Jets, the Oakland Raiders and the Cleveland Browns.

How much interest depends on how the remainder of the season unfolds, and I don't think the Bears even know what their plan is at this point, but over the next few weeks a clearer picture will emerge.

The decision to keep him or not will have to be made, and remember that general manager Phil Emery inherited Cutler so that might be an issue.

Stay tuned.

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Kudos to Kobe:

Kobe Bryant has never been a family favorite, but there is no argument that he is a superstar and a competitor.

He came back from a serious Achilles tendon injury and operation after only eight months. The Los Angeles Lakers never coddled him, and it was his decision to return.

Whether the Lakers will be good or not is up for debate, but it sure was refreshing to hear a great player go to his own beat and not worry about anything but getting back on the court.

I don't believe he will ever be the same player, not only because of the type of injury and his age of 35, but he has been in the NBA since he was 19. His legs might be 45 years of age, but he is as mentally tough and that's what you need to come back quickly form a devastating injury.

There is no way he's even at 80 percent but a Kobe Bryant at 75 percent may be better than most players.

Kobe Bryant is making the younger guys with injuries look bad. But that's Kobe, he goes to his own beat, and that I respect.


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