Herald bats .000 in facts for one day

Posted10/16/2013 5:00 AM

Wow! All three letters to the editor in your Sept. 29 issue had something in common: extreme bias and no basis in fact. One letter states that the purpose of voter I.D. laws is to eliminate "the potential of fraud," even though voter fraud has been estimated to have been less than one-tenth of 1 percent in the last national election. The writer found that it was not hard to obtain an I.D. in Arlington Heights. But if you are black or Latino in Florida, Mississippi, Texas or North Carolina, you will find that your state has closed a number of locations in minority areas where you can obtain an I.D. There is only one valid reason that voter I.D.'s are required in these states -- to suppress or minimize the number of minority votes.

The second letter supports the Republican position of cutting the SNAP program. No doubt there is some fraud in the food stamp program as with almost every government program. I agree with the argument that all adults who can work should work, which is fine if there were jobs available. With the current high unemployment rate, there may be no available jobs in some locations, so food stamps are the only option for an individual to feed a family.

The third writer stated that there is a law that denies religious freedom by requiring clergy to perform civil unions because "there will be prosecutions, fines and arrests if they refuse to perform such services." That statement is totally and completely false without any basis of fact, current law, or any proposed law. In fact, clergy is free to refuse to perform a civil ceremony and even a conventional marriage.

The Daily Herald does a disservice to its readers by publishing such irresponsible letters.

Robert Frankel


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