Who is protecting Zimmerman's rights?

Posted8/5/2013 5:00 AM

"Zimmerman freed by all-white jury" was the headline widely reported the media.

First of all, Zimmerman is a Hispanic.

Despite an initial investigation that ruled the shooting as "self-defense", after President Obama said that Martin could have been his son, a special prosecutor was appointed, the white police chief was replaced and a jury trial ensued.

After Zimmerman was acquitted, Juror B-29 came forward and said that Zimmerman was guilty, but she was limited by the evidence. Of course, the jury of black public opinion -- which convicted Zimmerman in the media -- was not limited by the evidence. And, Juror B-29 is in fact Hispanic.

So, now it turns out, that it was a Hispanic on black shooting and it was not an "all white jury".

Now enter Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder in addressing the "largest black sorority" in the United States and the NAACP in separate speeches, has decided that he will review the "Stand Your Ground" Florida law and similar laws in other states -- none of which was relevant in the Florida case.

Holder also said that he will review the case to determine if Martin's civil rights were violated. So Holder is going to consider whether a Hispanic (Zimmerman) violated the civil rights of an African American (Martin).

Where are the protests from the Hispanics? Is Holder going to determine if the civil rights of Zimmerman have been violated by the media, black clergy, Congressional Black Caucus and other pompous politically motivated groups? I think not.

Elliott McDaniel


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