Zimmerman case result: Be skeptical

Updated 8/2/2013 12:19 PM

In order to cultivate a fair and unbiased result, we have devised in America the best system known to man to judge whether someone accused of a crime is innocent or guilty.

Bias, one way or the other, is thought to be removed during the jury selection process in order to form an unbiased jury. Was this the case with George Zimmerman in the same vain as it was with the O.J. Simpson case?

Two highly charged, prolific criminal murder cases were thrust upon the public via every media available, so observers felt fairly confident that they were fully informed of all the facts of each case. Yet, what was the final result?

It's time for us as a people to reinforce our system and not use our own emotion to decide who is guilty or innocent in this nation.

The Zimmerman case illustrates how the populace should not place their entire trust in the traditional media outlets, as their bias has been exposed. In editing video to convey a completely different narrative than what the facts have shown, NBC's doctoring of Zimmerman's 911 call should be an awakening to this reality that we should not believe everything we are presented.

Steve Howard


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