How about putting bells on all the bikes?

Posted7/17/2013 5:00 AM

I walked the Lake Arlington path this a.m. with my husband. In light of the recent accident, we decided to walk single file rather than side by side to allow more room for bikers and skaters.

Also, I decided to ask bikers passing to "please call out" when they did not do so. Only one responded, "Sorry" to my request. The good news is that one biker did ring her bell. She was on her small pink bike and did so at the request of her dad who was following her.

This gave me the idea that might be a bit of a solution until a better safety plan is developed. The Arlington Park District could require all bikers and skaters to be equipped with a bell to ring. These bells could be distributed as part of a campaign to promote safety on the path.

Finally, a "thank you" to the parents of the little biker for teaching her to ride safely.

Bonnie Boyle Cote

Arlington Heights

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