White House leadership MIA

Posted5/27/2013 4:40 AM

White House leadership MIA

Can anyone truly be surprised at President Obama's reaction to the three Washington scandals that unfolded? His responses certainly did not surprise me. Whether we examine the IRS scandal of targeting conservative groups and individuals, the DOJ's invasion into Associated Press phone records or the inept handling and explanation of the Benghazi crisis, the response is the same: "I don't know anything."

What is disturbing is how little the president or his administration seems to know about these issues. Nobody in the administration knew about the IRS scandal and they still cannot get their stories straight on the Benghazi crisis.

It is my desire that members of Congress from both parties investigate these recent events and take action to hold those responsible accountable. As a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, congressman Peter Roskam has already said he'll do what he can to investigate the IRS and hold those accountable and bring changes to this agency that will prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Unfortunately, President Obama's inability to lead and his hands off method of governing is beginning to catch up with us and his lack of leadership ability after five years in office is finally coming to light to more Americans. His refusal to bring people of opposing views together to compromise demonstrates his ineffective leadership ability.

Even though White House leadership has been "missing in action" we are still owed answers to the following questions: were other groups or individuals targeted based on political ideology by the IRS? Was the AP the only organization to be secretly combed or has the DOJ been doing this to others as well? Here's hoping we get some answers.

Doug Stickels


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