Need to get back to faith basic: holiness

Posted4/14/2013 4:40 AM

Need to get back to faith basic: holiness

In response to the ladies who believe their church is killing women ... really? I believe the call to holiness taught by our church has nurtured me as a woman and shown me ways to excel which I thought were impossible. Why do "feminists" always rate their success or failure based on a man's achievement? Why would female priests make your psyche feel better?

Our Catholic faith is not about you or me and making us feel better, it's about giving glory to God. I see Mary as my model. She wrapped herself in humility and lowliness and God exalted her above all creation. Our faith calls us to be holy and I think many of us need to get back to that basic. All else will follow.

Helen Fioresi

Lake In The Hills

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