New sidewalk too elaborate, expensive

Posted4/5/2013 5:00 AM

I am not against a way for kids to walk safely to school.

However, when residents were informed of the "Sidewalk to School" project by mail on March 21, stating that construction on a federal grant project would begin on April 1, longtime residents and caretakers of the parkways felt violated. The sidewalk is to be built on the east side of Schoenbeck from Marion Street north to Viola.

I would like to know the budget/federal grant money allotted for this concrete sidewalk project.

Does it include money for a new crossing guard at Willow and Schoenbeck -- that seems a busy intersection for children to cross on their own.

Snow removal costs? Should the 12 residences and church properties affected by this sidewalk shovel, or will there be snowplows be clearing it at 4 a. m.?

Engineering aspect -- how will this affect land which already experiences deep puddling?

Does this include money/compensation for plant relocation (which is hard to do by the April 1 deadline).

Is there a Phase II for this project?

City Hall had no answers.

Why can't the sidewalk be a properly installed asphalt path so it could meander around existing utilities (phone poles, boxes, drains), and established landscaping? Wouldn't this suffice?

Again, I am not against children walking safely to school. I just fail to see why our tax money is being spent when children are already able to safely/legally walk where the sidewalk will be built.

Jill Jacobsen

Prospect Heights

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