Time to propose some spending cuts

Posted3/10/2013 3:40 AM

Time to propose some spending cuts

President Obama has repeatedly campaigned on a message of hope and change, promising to reform the way Washington, D.C. operates.

I'm disappointed that instead of striving for those ideals, our president chooses to travel the country blaming the other party for our country's issues, rather than working with everyone in Congress to help strive for bipartisan solutions to our nation's problems, the foremost being our budget.

Since 2008, I have often heard the president, both on and off the campaign trail, say that his administration would go line-by-line through the federal budget and cut wasteful spending. Has that happened? If not, when is it going to happen? Instead, it seems all the president argues for are more tax increases.

In a year in which the federal government is projected to rack in record setting revenues while continuing to run a huge deficit, where are the spending cuts?

I continue to stand by my Congressman, Peter Roskam, who has repeatedly called on the president to provide real leadership to begin combating our record deficits. Mr. President, it is time to start proposing some spending cuts like you promised.

Carl A. Lofgren


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