Naperville residents feel happy, safe but need traffic help

Posted2/22/2013 5:07 PM

Naperville residents say they're largely happy with the quality of life and services in their city, but still have concerns with traffic and congestion, according to the first citizen survey since 2008.

The city on Friday released the results of the eight-page survey that was distributed to 2,500 random households. Of those, 1,581 completed the poll.

Results showed 91 percent of respondents are satisfied with the overall quality of life in the city, compared to 92 percent in 2008 and 94 percent in 2006. Results have an accuracy rating of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

Residents also appear predominantly satisfied with the services they receive for their tax dollars.

Results showed 92 percent of those who replied and had an opinion were satisfied with the quality of fire and emergency medical services; 85 percent were satisfied with garbage, recycling and yard waste services; and 84 percent were satisfied with police services.

"I am so pleased that the results showed people were largely satisfied with their quality of life in Naperville. Our city works hard for its residents and businesses and wants them to be as safe and satisfied as possible," Mayor George Pradel said. "We will take these results to heart, use them to establish priorities and continue to look at ways to make more positive changes throughout the city."

Issues related to transportation, including road maintenance and traffic flow, received some of the lowest marks in the survey. Roughly 40 percent said they were satisfied with management of traffic flow, up from 30 percent in 2008.

Residents also listed traffic flow and congestion; maintenance of streets, sidewalks and infrastructure; and police services as areas that should receive the most emphasis over the next two years,

In other findings, 97 percent of respondents say they feel safe in their neighborhoods during the day, while 92 percent feel safe downtown before 10 p.m.

Results from the 2008 Citizen Survey helped officials decide to make several changes to a variety of services, such as information access and sidewalk installation. City officials said they will use the 2012 survey results as the basis for the revised strategic plan effort beginning later this spring.

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