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posted: 1/5/2013 5:00 AM

Government must work for the people

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For those government officials, both elected and appointed to serve the people, please exert all possible influence to stop spending/borrowing/promising money that you don't have and will never receive. If all the politicians of Illinois were in the public free market system, they would all be looking for a new job cause they would no longer have a job. Other organizations and individuals all are restricted to spending commensurate with their income. Why not government?

Please make government employees share the same rules/laws/programs/benefits as their constituents, such as Social Security, Medicare, merit raises and health insurance. Eliminate all public pensions and doubld-dipping deals. Let's have the government employees work for the people, both those who voted for you and those who didn't. Stop buying votes with your entitlement and amnesty programs. Simplify our tax laws. We waste far too much talent/manpower trying to game an unnecessarily complicated system created by bureaucrats. Reduce the size of government and unionization.

Finally, let's get over this idea that taking guns away from responsible folks makes them safer from the bad guys who will always have them regardless of any and all rules/laws you make. Illinois concealed carry should be passed ASAP. While we're are at it, legalize marijuana like alcohol. Make money from it rather than spend money trying to fix an unfixable problem. Focus our resources on things we can control. Jobs would magically materialize if business didn't have so many rules/laws to deal with.

Last and certainly not least, abide by the Constitution. It's the finest document ever created by man. Please don't try to rewrite it. Progressivism may be in your best interest but not our best interest.

Thomas Domenz


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