Beware of lies that lead to paranoia

Posted1/5/2013 5:00 AM

In response to Howard Huber's recent letter to the editor: Well, the game's up. You caught us. We liberals have been secretly undermining every facet of the political system for decades solely to re-elect our dear leader President Obama to a third term. We actually hired Leo DiCaprio to "Inception" himself into Dubya's head and plant the idea of having all of his tax cuts expire during Obama's term. We have brainwashed the Supreme Court so they will overturn the constitutional amendment limiting the terms of president and are currently bribing three-fourths of the states in this great nation to ratify the amendment.

Sound far out? It's a far more likely reality than what you have proposed. I am an 18-year-old high school senior, and it makes me disgusted, and quite honestly worried, that many in this country have either lack understanding of how this political system works on a basic level, or are too busy being brainwashed by the outright lies fed to them by radio or talk shows. I'm not speaking solely about people who hold conservative beliefs either. Some liberals were just as guilty during the Bush administration. And quite frankly, when disagreement with who is in power turns into widespread paranoia from half the country, it's no wonder our country is at the great divide it currently faces.

Eric Killian


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