America we once knew slips beneath waves

Posted11/25/2012 4:40 AM

Consider the sad irony of our political landscape.

A paragon of American patriotism, Gen. David Petraeus, will now take the fall for this administration's willful incompetence and criminal negligence in Benghazi, due to an extramarital indiscretion, while history's quintessential philanderer, Bill Clinton, basks in his newfound rock star status after securing a second term for this president.

Those among us most stridently opposed to any form of legitimate photo ID at polling places to eliminate the 2 percent fraudulent vote cast in every election think nothing of having to show a driver's license simply to view their cellphone bill. Those Americans most deeply disenfranchised by this travesty of justice include 300,000-plus patriots interred at Arlington National Cemetery, giving their last full measure of devotion to preserve and protect the right of self-determination embodied in one person, one vote.

Jefferson and Madison enjoy endless accolades for their words prescribing a separation of church and state, yet curiously garner no recognition for their fervent admonitions forecasting the utter destruction of democracy once citizens find it convenient and legal to live off the labor of others in a welfare-based, nanny state.

Unfortunately for our children and grandchildren, as the America we once knew slips quietly beneath the waves, an overwhelming majority of us will be quite content in front of a huge flat screen with our favorite reruns of Jerry Springer.

William G. Parrot


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