How about honoring veterans on coins?

Posted11/22/2012 5:00 AM

On Veterans Day I was pondering a way in which to commemorate the American soldier, not just once a year, but every day of the year. I was thinking of something everyone uses almost every day -- money! I thought that minting a coin, like the previous coin representing each state, would be an acceptable form of honoring our soldiers. The "heads" side of the coin would remain the same -- a president -- but the "tails" side would commemorate each branch of the service. For example, an image of a pilot or F16 jet to represent the Air Force, a sailor or submarine to represent the Navy, a Ranger or Blackhawk helicopter to represent the Army, a Green Beret to represent the Marines, and another ship or symbol for the Coast Guard. There could also be a historical theme to the coin as well.

This series of coins could be a collectible, but most importantly it will be used daily! It would be a reminder to everyone every day that someone is watching over America's rights and freedoms.

Sean Herling

Mount Prospect

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