Time to re-evaluate, rebuild GOP

Posted11/15/2012 4:40 AM

Dear Supporters,

Thank you. I am so proud of all our volunteers and supporters. Whether you were on the front lines making calls, knocking on doors, writing letters or just talking to friends and neighbors, all of you help to shape the debate about the direction of our country.

Just like you, despite my re-election, I am deeply disappointed in the overall results of this year's election. Here in Illinois, due to district gerrymandering, we lost a significant number of talented Republican Congressmen that were dedicated to the core principles of less government, fewer taxes, and more personal freedoms. Needless to say, losing the presidency is a blow to our country's free-market ideology.

As disappointed as I am in the overall results of this election cycle, I refuse to be discouraged. We still live in the greatest country in the free world. The fact that we as a country hold open and free elections is empowering and uplifting. Most people on the planet still do not have the right to vote.

During the next few weeks, political pundits and our own leadership will be debating the future of the Republican Party -- what we lack, what we need to adjust and how we are to move forward in an ever changing world. No doubt, we as a party have to re-evaluate our strategies and our messaging, and we must find ways to increase our voter pool. These are healthy debates and I am looking forward to being part of those debates and helping to rebuild the Republican Party.

We may be down today, but we will move forward and we will continue fighting for responsible leadership and responsible solutions to our country's problems. We do this because we love our country and because we want future generations to prosper and to achieve the American dream.

Randy Hultgren



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