Election a call for GOP to change

Updated 11/9/2012 8:37 AM

The re-election of President Barack Obama may not have been a mandate to the political system or the populace of America. It was however a call for change if the Republican Party is to be relevant as the second party in America.

That relevance was more evident in this election cycle then it was in '08 and will be more evident in the future if the Grand Old Party continues to be what it is.

Change has taken place in our country and our society which the Republican Party refuses to recognize or adjust to. It isn't just about the moving demographics' and a simple fix isn't to just run a minority who fits that electorate.

The ideology of the party must change to be mainstream with what and how the American public of today and tomorrow and the future wants its government to be.

Start with changing attitudes about being condescending toward the electorate. The people spoke and want you to get out of their lives.

Stop imposing conservative ideology on others. Let people believe what they chose and freedom to act as they want. Make separation of church and state a reality. Religious freedom does not mean willing your beliefs on others.

Marriage equality, birth control are freedoms people chose for themselves. Fix Medicare and Social Security by funding them with added revenue, not reducing benefits. Make upper income wage earners contribute on all of their wages.

Work toward a balanced approach of opportunity for all to succeed by leveling the playing field.

The Republican Party has four years to prove it can honestly change and become a party which the new electorate will accept.

They had best start today if they want to have an impact on their future.

America is watching.

Tom Rajcan


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