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  • Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. Trio of Attorneys - Gena Gruss Romagnoli, Kristin M. Gruss and Henry Phillip Gruss

    Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. Trio of Attorneys - Gena Gruss Romagnoli, Kristin M. Gruss and Henry Phillip Gruss

Claire Vartabedian
Updated 11/2/2012 10:04 PM

Family, neighbors, friends, law partners -- this is what denotes Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd., a local law firm based in Chicago, IL, from all the rest. Committed to plaintiffs in personal injury, medical malpractice and other types of civil litigation, the lawyers at Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. are a team of close-knit family members who work side-by-side representing injured individuals and their families. This close familial relationship builds a level of trust between the attorneys as well as a commitment to the law firm and its clients that cannot be found with other law groups.

Henry Phillip Gruss of Park Ridge, IL founded Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. as a sole practitioner in 1994. With over 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer, Henry has developed a reputation in the legal community for his skill and effectiveness both in resolving cases prior to trial, at mediation and in front of a jury. He specializes in medical malpractice, product liability and personal injury, representing plaintiffs exclusively. Having worked for several firms in the legal community including Kroll & Rubin and Leonard M. Ring and Associates, Henry personally tried over 100 cases to verdict as a plaintiff attorney throughout his career. "On a professional level, I have always wanted to be a lawyer, and I am particularly proud to be a trial lawyer," says Henry. He adds, "However, I consider my children, their spouses and my grandchildren to be the greatest source of my pride. Working alongside my daughter Gena and daughter-in-law Kristin is truly a blessing, and it rightly signifies what our law firm is all about -- our family represents you and your family."


In 2007, Gena Gruss Romagnoli joined her father at Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. to represent injured persons and their families in medical malpractice, motor vehicle collision, premises liability and other personal injury matters. After graduating law school at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Gena worked as a defense lawyer with the firm Bollinger, Ruberry and Garvey. Today, as part of the Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. team, Gena finds that working on behalf of individuals and families and making a difference in their lives is what brings her the most professional satisfaction, "I especially enjoy working on cases involving children, where I'm determined to ensure that they secure a better future." Recently, Gena worked with her father to reach a $6 million settlement for a young child who was permanently disabled as a result of medical negligence at the time of her birth.

It wasn't until January 2012, when Henry's daughter-in-law Kristin M. Gruss joined the team. After graduating magna cum laude from John Marshall Law School, Kristin started her practice as a defense lawyer in 1999 at Johnson & Bell. Three years later, she moved to the prestigious law firm of Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth, where she worked for ten years as a defense attorney, and three of those years as partner. Kristin brings years of experience in complex birth injury cases as well as extensive medical knowledge to Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. When asked about the transition from defense work to plaintiff work, Kristin exclaims, "This was a very smooth transition, and working with my family has made it easy…especially the carpool commute to work!"

"The most important aspect of our firm is that we care about our clients and are personally invested in obtaining the best possible outcome for individuals who have suffered injury or loss through the fault of another," explains Henry. As a dedicated team of attorneys working tirelessly on the behalf of their clients, each team member works on each case together, works closely getting to know their clients and their families and carries years of experience as defense lawyers and now plaintiff attorneys.

And, not only do the lawyers at Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. work side-by-side everyday, they're also neighbors in their hometown of Park Ridge, IL -- Kristin and Gena live right next door to each other! -- and close friends.

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"In addition to being a lawyer, I'm also a part-time babysitter," says Henry laughingly. It truly is all in the family.

About Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd.

Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. is a law firm based in Chicago, IL dedicated to representing plaintiffs in personal injury, medical malpractice and other types of civil litigation. The lawyers at Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd. are well known trial lawyers within the Cook County Circuit Court system, and more importantly, they are family. The trio of attorneys -- Henry Phillip Gruss, Gena Gruss Romagnoli and Kristin M. Gruss -- work together representing injured individuals and their families. For more information about Henry Phillip Gruss, Ltd., please visit their brand new website at