Nothing good about this Dist. 15 budget

Updated 9/3/2012 8:55 AM

How disgusting to read the front page of the Daily Herald on Aug. 9 that the District 15 board was high on the new budget. They are spending $5 million more than they take in -- hello -- you don't budget to spending zero -- you are supposed to budget to revenue. You're dealing with our money.

Who is setting this budget, you or the teachers? The article says 28 more teachers were added that were to be eliminated, due to a new contract, a $1.25 million reduction in health care costs was nixed by the teachers council, and other numerous cuts were taken off the table by the teachers?


It's past time to keep spending more than you take in. Tell the teachers that's all the money you have -- period. If they don't like it they can find a job elsewhere.

As a 37-year taxpayer in Palatine I've seen my home value drop the last few years and taxes go up sharply, along with most others in Palatine (according to the Cook County Assessor). Last year 32.5 percent of my property bill went to Dist. 15.

Last year alone, my property tax to Dist. 15 increased by 21.4 percent, mostly due to pension cost. In the last five years the increase totals over 80 percent. Enough already!

When will the board and the teachers realize it is taxpayers that supply every penny of your revenue, in one way or another?

Robert Kennedy


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