Facts getting skewed on Philhaven project

Updated 6/4/2012 12:39 PM

Let's get the facts straight. Philhaven Apartments will be ideal homes for veterans, who have PTSD, and others with mental illnesses. Remembering veterans goes beyond Memorial Day.

The 50-60 residents, not 150, will have apartments larger than many of our local retirement building apartments. Philhaven will have adequate facilities for socialization, as proven by other apartment complexes constructed for like residents, currently successfully operating.


Without completely equipped apartments, such as Philhaven and Meyer's Place in Mount Prospect, most of these residents would be homeless or in completely inappropriate living conditions.

We welcome Philhaven, and projects like this, for the forgotten segment of our society, who also happen to be our loved ones.

Gertrude L. Rodig

Arlington Heights

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