Get informed about Winfield's vote

Updated 2/16/2012 5:23 AM

Winfield's village board has known since Christmas that a binding referendum concerning changing our system of elections would be on the March 20 ballot. Yet, the board, at the insistence of Trustee Tim Allen, has chosen to do nothing to inform the public of what this change would mean.

The referendum states, "Shall the village be divided into six districts with one trustee elected from each district?" If the referendum passes, voters will lose the right to vote for all village trustees. There will still be six trustees, but we will only be able to vote for the one representing our "district."


If all trustees can make decisions that affect our homes and neighborhoods, then we should be able to vote for all trustees It is incumbent on us as voters to educate ourselves on this issue before the March 20 vote.

Karen Skillman


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