The Soapbox: Fermilab tests speed-of-light barrier

Daily Herald Editorial Board
Posted9/24/2011 4:00 AM

The earth moves -- fast:

Scientists at Fermilab will be whipping subatomic particles around an accelerator tunneled beneath the suburbs, trying to replicate or refute an experiment showing a tiny particle moving faster than the speed of light -- a finding thought to be impossible. The next time you're having a mundane day, think about what's going on under your feet.


Good work, Grayslake:

The village's new anti-nepotism law prohibits hiring relatives of employees or elected officials, and no elected official can take a village job for five years after leaving office. Grayslake officials said apparent political hiring elsewhere played into their decision.

Keep current, educators:

Libertyville-Vernon Hills Area High School District 128 had to close its pools because officials were caught off guard by a mandate to change drains deemed unsafe. "A ball was dropped by one of our folks," Superintendent Prentiss Lea said. Might we suggest officials also invest time reading the news? We and other media outlets have covered the issue extensively.

Trying to beat the yellow:

Los Angeles is considering an alternative to red-light cameras, and it might be worth considering here: longer yellow lights. The idea is interesting, though surely some motorists would still try to beat the yellow. Maybe for these drivers the only solution would be a hefty, hefty fine. Really, it's time to stop the dangerous race to get there.

Remembering her hometown:

Congrats to Plainfield native Melissa McCarthy, who snagged a best actress comedy Emmy Sunday for her work on "Mike & Molly." It's great how the CBS sitcom showcases the loving relationship between two people who don't conform to Hollywood's idea of beauty -- and we love that the actress remembered to mention her hometown in her acceptance speech.

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Generate better ideas:

More than 300 people lined up for $250 or $400 rebates on generators in Des Plaines this week. Only 81 people got them. The intentions surely were good, but rather than help a few people with a Band-Aid solution, how about spending that money and more on really fixing the flooding and power problems in the neighborhoods?

Bringing warmth to veterans:

Vernon Hills and Grayslake North and Central high schools are joining a Vernon Hills Police Department program to collect winter clothing for veterans. Fans who attend football games Sept. 30 in Vernon Hills and Oct. 14 in Grayslake will bring coats and other winter clothing for veterans and their families. Spread the word.

For the slam dunk file:

At no charge, Aurora books, fingerprints and photographs all suspects wanted on warrants who turn themselves in. Word got around, and the city gets a fair amount of out-of-town booking traffic. The city council plans to put an end to that with a $50 booking fee it is likely to approve next week. To paraphrase one alderman: What took so long?

Going after rule breakers:

Metra wants you to tell on conductors who shirk their duty to collect fares. Just log on to It's a train version of "How am I driving?" -- with benefits for taxpayers.