Who's Who in Siegel's tenure

Updated 7/19/2011 12:20 PM

Jack Siegel has met a lot of well-known people in his work. We threw out names and asked him for snapshot impressions:

• Paul Douglas, U.S. senator: "One of the finest persons I have ever known."

• George Halas: Siegel cross-examined him during a lawsuit the Bears filed against Evanston, and from there the two became friends.

• Arlington Heights Village President Arlene Mulder: "First of all, she's very smart. She has a sensitivity to the needs of the community and great sympathy for the people. She is truly dedicated."

• John Woods, Arlington Heights president 1961-1968: Woods hired Siegel and the two became close friends. "Absolutely brilliant," was his assessment. "Jeanne (Seigel's wife) said he shouldn't be president of Arlington Heights, he should be president of the United States."

• Leonard "Rudy" Hanson, village manager in the 1960s: Building the "new" village hall after the old one was condemned was dragging on. Hanson fired the general contractor, took over the duties himself and got it finished, said Siegel. A few years later Hanson took on the same role for the new library.

• Bob Atcher, Schaumburg's second mayor (1959-1975): "Great man; started us in the right direction in Schaumburg. I called him the day before he died (Atcher was in Kentucky) to tell him they were naming the municipal center after him. He was pleased." Some nights Siegel wouldn't get home from Schaumburg board meetings until 2 a.m. -- especially in the summer, when former Trustee Herman Winkelhake milked his cows late and Atcher refused to start meetings until the trustee arrived.