DuPage Water Commission has its treasurer, again

Posted5/20/2011 1:00 AM

It's taken the members of the DuPage Water Commission three tries since January but it appears they've finally got their treasurer.

Commissioners, Thursday night, unanimously approved the hiring of Bellwood Comptroller and Riverside resident Nick Narducci to the $10,000 part-time post.

Narducci is the third person hired to the position since January. Twice the commission has picked someone for the job only to have the candidates turn their back on the post.

"Quick, someone give me a second before he changes his mind," Commissioner Jeff Pruyn joked before the commission approved Narducci's appointment.

Narducci estimates he has worked in more than 20 municipalities as a hired gun to help them fix their financial woes.

"I do all phases of financials," he said. "That's just the kind of work I do. You know I go into a lot of cities and businesses where they need some help getting their financials in order. Thankfully here, they've done that already so I get to skate along."

Chairman Jim Zay said he expects the DuPage County Board to approve the appointment during its May 24 meeting.

The DuPage Water Commission, which delivers Lake Michigan drinking water to more than two dozen communities, was overhauled in January after the agency accidentally spent its $69 million reserve fund through poor accounting practices and lackadaisical financial oversight. Those changes included replacing eight of the commission's 13 members.