Are Christians living up to beliefs?

Updated 3/17/2011 4:08 PM

Comments on the Web following Michael Lee's letter (Fence Post, Feb. 17) charging that the United States is not a Christian nation sure raised the ire of the self-righteous right. While Mr. Lee may or may not be a Christian, he lives in a free country and does a better job reading history than his foes.

It is moot to argue about what the Founding Fathers thought in 1776, but it is germane to ask what applies in 2011. Christ had high regard for truth and told us that the truth would make us free. If this "Christian nation" would not buy drugs, foreign countries would not produce them. Why are most of the guns that are killing our drug agents in Mexico being supplied by the U.S.? If our motto is "In God we trust" why do we need $725 billion in the current defense budget? Why do we have so many guns? Why is the U.S. making ethanol out of corn, which is a food source?


It would be appropriate for every professing Christian to examine ourselves to see if we really live up to what Christ taught. It would be well if the busybodies in the pro-life movement observed how God treats species, including Homo sapiens, which overrun their pasture. Population control is essential for the future.

Russell C.W. Crom

Mount Prospect