Candidates form team 'Vote 1-3-5 for District 15'

Vicki Wilson
Updated 2/21/2011 5:44 PM

Community Consolidated School District 15 Board of Education candidates Manjula Sriram, Scott Herr, and Gerard Iannuzzelli are pleased to announce the formation of "Vote 1-3-5 for District 15" (

The three non-incumbents decided independently to run in the upcoming election and met soon afterward. They held several meetings to discuss their individual beliefs and goals for the school district and discovered there was a great deal of commonality in their positions.

This led to the decision to cooperate and support each other's candidacy and to form "Vote 1-3-5". The numbers 1-3-5 refer to each candidate's position on the ballot.

The "Vote 1-3-5" team is running on a platform of eliminating deficit spending, strengthening the curriculum, and making decisions with openness and transparency. The team believes these are the key ways to incorporate accountability and to make a positive difference for the future of our schools and our community.

Manjula Sriram is a parent of two children in District 15. She holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering, computer science, and business and is currently pursuing a master's in business administration. She has been an active member of her school's PTA Board, including VP of Membership. She is a program director at Vail Systems. Ms. Sriram is a management professional with experience in large budgets, conflict resolution, and process improvement. "I feel strongly one can either sit on the sidelines or get on the team and do the work. Being attentive towards the education of the learners while being vigilant and responsible towards the fiscal expenses is where I will focus the most." Manjula and her husband, Nathan, have lived in Palatine since 2005.

Scott Herr has two children who attended District 15 schools from kindergarten through eighth grade and now attend Palatine High School. He holds a master's in business administration and a bachelor of science degree in computer science. He is the founder of District 15 Parents Involved in Education (, which has been a vital source of information to the District 15 community for over five years. Mr. Herr has experience in strategic planning, financial management, and negotiations. Scott says: "The future of our community depends heavily on the education provided to children by District 15. I believe District 15 should take action to improve education results while also charting a path to live within its means." Scott and his wife, Yvonne, have lived in Palatine since 1991.

Gerard Iannuzzelli has three children in District 15. He has a degree in computer science and is the director of technology at Des Plaines Office Equipment. His experience includes managing budgets, hiring, and negotiating contracts. Gerard says: "We need to feel comfortable that the decisions made by the Board of Education will be transparent to the public and be fiscally responsible for everyone." He is a proven community leader. "Since my first day in Palatine in 1994, I have committed myself to trying to make this a better community." He is a lifetime member of the Palatine Jaycees, a director for the Palatine Men's Civic Club, and a Presidents Circle member of the Northwest Community Hospital Foundation. Gerard and his wife, Jennifer, have lived in Palatine since 1994.

The team's email address is and the web site address is if you would like additional information on the candidates.