Time for change on forest board

Updated 10/28/2010 2:34 PM

I do not agree with the Daily Herald's endorsement of Pierotti for DuPage Forest Preserve Commission President. Under Mr. Pierotti's leadership, the forest preserve has demonstrated inefficiency and waste in many ways.

Under Mr. Pierotti's leadership, the commission has increased taxes by some $2 million this year alone. It has increased annual operating expenditures; it has continued to run money losing golf courses, which in my opinion is outside the mission of the forest preserve. It has failed to demolish the burned out Oak Meadows Golf Course clubhouse and left it standing as an eyesore and safety hazard.


Finally, Mr. Pierotti has indulged his ego by memorializing himself by emblazing his name on forest preserve signage. I find this as disturbing as I did when former Governor Blagojevich pulled this stunt on the tollways. For these reasons I will not be supporting Mr. Pierotti or any of the incumbents on the commission at the polls this year. It is time for a significant change on the forest preserve board.

Bruce Fogerty