Vote third party for real change

Updated 3/3/2011 5:01 PM

Listening to people discuss or write about Illinois politics, it is evident that many are disillusioned with the Democrats and Republicans. Corruption, stale ideas and incompetence are characteristics both parties share.

Some talk about not voting, while others mumble about "lesser of two evils." My union, IEA, endorsed the losing candidates in this year's primary gubernatorial election. Did they look to endorse someone with better ideas? No, they chose the lesser of two evils route. To everyone I say Green, Libertarian, Constitution.


I have this idea that a free media was supposed to help educate citizens about all candidates and issues. Budget cuts or active refusal to cover third-party and independent candidates means that we don't hear about them, although some reporters and news sources remain true to this mission. Media exclusion along with Republican and Democratic refusal to enter debates when third parties are invited creates a terrible "Catch-22" situation, because lack of voter recognition means that third parties do not receive funds to independently get their message out.

Many say that voting for a third-party is throwing your vote away. Who buys in to that statement? The Democratic and Republican parties do. They don't want you to vote for someone else. Third parties first supported voting rights for women, child labor laws and many other workplace issues. Giannoulias made issue that his campaign was not accepting corporate money. The Green Party made that a foundation of their party years ago.

I refuse to accept the lesser of two evils, to accept my vote doesn't matter, and to let the Democrats and Republicans continue to offer us subpar ideas, inaction, incompetence and corruption from their candidates. I'm voting Whitney.

Bob Brill