Mahnoor Ahmad: 2024 candidate for U.S. House 6th District Representative


Party: Democrat

Office Sought: 6th District U.S. Representative

City: Oakbrook Terrace

Age: 33

Occupation: Public Health Administrator/Director

Previous offices held: This would be the first

What must be done to achieve a consistent national policy on immigration, not just in terms of what such a policy should be but also in terms of getting a policy through the Senate?

We need to simultaneously address short and long-term national immigration policy. First and foremost we need to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already living in the United States and brought to the U.S. as children, often referred to as Dreamers. There’s been minimal attempts to address the root causes of migration, such as poverty, violence, and instability in countries of origin. Until we do, there will never be any change. I support foreign policies that aim to promote stability and economic development in these regions to reduce the need for people to migrate out of necessity. The United States needs to be a leader on how to handle immigration policy leading with compassion first to create economic stability, and security. We need to elect and support candidates who work on long-term solutions and we need to lose the negative rhetoric about immigration and celebrate all that immigration has brought to this country.

Do you believe the nation's election system and those of the individual states are secure and fair? If not, what must be done to improve them?

It’s time to abolish the Electoral College. The influence of big money in campaigns and distorted media coverage is the greatest threat to free and fair elections. The claims of vote rigging by many on the right are not at all accurate. The biggest cheating is done by Republican election officials who purge the voting roles of minority and Democratic leaning voters.

Unfettered lobbying which dictates both international and domestic policy. Lobbies such as the NRA, AIPAC, and Blue Cross Blue Shield among many others make it impossible to enact the actual will of the people. I commend Rep Ro Khanna’s Political Reform Resolution which includes measures such as 12-year term limits for Members of Congress, ban on Congress members trading stocks during tenure, ban on Congress members from accepting lobbyist and PAC money and a lifetime ban on lobbying for members of congress, a binding code of ethics for Supreme Court Justices and 18-year term limits and Supreme Court Justice rotation

What responsibilities does the United States have toward protecting the security of our allies or other countries where democracy may be threatened? In particular, what are our responsibilities toward Israel and Ukraine?

We should defend our allies when they are attacked. However Since 2003, the US has been involved in wars in the Middle East and North Africa. These wars have caused harm, with many civilians killed or forced to flee their homes. This damages America's reputation and costs a lot of money — money that could be spent on other things like healthcare or education. The Constitution says that only Congress can declare war, but many of these actions were never voted on. We should not be causing instability in other countries. I believe we should bring our troops home to stop these wars and focus on building better relationships with other countries. This will help heal the damage and make us stronger. We can and should help Ukraine defend itself against attack by another country. Aid to Israel violates the Leahy law that prohibits aid to military that is engaged in gross violations of human rights (GVHR). Israel should be held accountable.

Is the world in a climate crisis? If so, what role should the federal government play in addressing it?

Yes. The federal government should prioritize the climate as it did other national crises like the Great Depression and WWII. I support the framework of a Green New Deal, which aims to create millions of jobs by transitioning to renewable energy and making infrastructure more sustainable.

We can Build on what was passed during the Biden administration. We should also pass The Earth Bill, which is a science-based law to mandate an end to climate pollution at the industry level by 2030, with renewable energy, zero-emission vehicles and regenerative agriculture. H. R. 598 — 118th Congress (2023-2024): Earth Act to Stop … Earth Act to Stop Climate Pollution by 2030 This bill addresses climate change by establishing requirements concerning renewable energy, zero emission vehicles, and regenerative agriculture.

How would you describe the working relationships in the U.S. House today? What can be done to promote more effective government in Congress, and what will you do personally to work toward this goal?

Hostile camps vying for power Not enough concern for the people of our nation. This hostility benefits some politicians and helps them raise money and activate their base. One thing is getting money out of politics. Another would be reinstating the fairness doctrine to reduce the extreme slanted and mis information that is out there in some media that helps drive this dysfunction. Personally, approaching the “other side” looking for areas of agreement and mutual benefit. Work on those to build trust. Don’t react in a confrontational way to provocations.

What role should the United States play in NATO?

We should defend our allies when attacked. However endless wars, and endless military spending needs to be curtailed, in the favor of diplomatic pressure. The US needs to reclaim its position as adept diplomatic leaders rather than rely on military might and trillions of our tax dollars (which should be invested in our communities). Current military spending is absolutely unsustainable and relying solely on the military to maintain US leadership in the world is shortsighted. We need to re-invest in finding true diplomatic leaders who can act as adept negotiators, and build that culture of creating true statesmen and stateswomen who can lead the international community.

When the Soviet Union ended, Reagan’s generals had a plan that was not implemented that would ensure the security of NATO countries and include Russia and its allies. This failure led to current wars. We have a lot of bases in Germany and other countries that may not be needed.

How do you perceive the financial health of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid? To the degree you may see problems with these programs, what should be done about them?

Social security will need help eventually. I like Sander’s proposal that subjects earnings over $250,000 to the 12.4% social security payroll tax while not counting the new taxed earnings toward a person’s benefits. This would not only keep Social security solvent but allow for increased benefits. And it is fair that the rich pay as much in taxes as average working people. Increase taxation of capital gains, raising top marginal tax rate on income over $10 million dollars, and closing corporate tax loopholes, then use those monies to continue to fund Medicare/Medicaid or go to Medicare for all which includes funding.

How do you assess the state of the national economy? What should be done to make it stronger or more stable?

It works well for the well to do but there is growing income inequality. Lets Invest in US infrastructure like the electrical grid, roads, libraries, housing, and schools. Increase interest rates for top corporations, and crack down on predatory banking practices. Increase taxation of capital gains, raising top marginal tax rate on income over $10 million dollars, and closing corporate tax loopholes. In the long term aim for policies that decrease the level of wealth concentration within the billionaire class, aim for policies that eliminate poverty, and rebuild the middle class.

What personal qualifications do you bring that would make you an effective congressional representative in dealing with the issues the country will face in the next two years?

I could draw on problem solving required in my Public Health career. In addition I am willing to reach across the aisle and create actual solutions to the real problems facing the country. And Unlike my opponent, I recognize the Cook County as well as the DuPage County side of Illinois 6th District, an area that Representative Casten seems to have neglected.

I believe special interest funding grossly corrupts politicians no matter how well meaning the politician may be. I am proud that I have never accepted a cent in funding from big pharma, insurance companies, fossil fuel companies or any other lobbyists. I plan to be a representative that is responsive and beholden to my constituents and ONLY my constituents.

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