Harnessing the new: Marketing opportunities for 2024

Every new year offers a feeling of renewal and possibility. Here we are ending February and 2024 feels so full of potential. For small business owners and professional service practitioners, there are so many ways to dig in and promote your most important messages.

Lately, people have been asking me what the most important areas to focus on are.

I’d say the answer is “it depends.” One thing is certain, small business owners should make a list of essential marketing tasks to undertake now. Doing this ensures the year will be full of opportunity for every enterprise.

I have a short list in mind of essential marketing tasks to consider right now. You may find some feel more important than others, but all are worth considering closely.

• Revisit and review your content strategy. Think about the core messages you wish to present to your audience(s). And where are you broadcasting these messages? How frequently are you publishing good content? Think closely about your content for the coming months and try publishing variations to see what works best now.

• Plan to measure your efforts. Take some time to look at your metrics. How are people finding your website? Who is following you on your social channels? How well is your messaging reaching segments of your audience? If you send email newsletters examine your click-throughs, open rates, and other data.

• Take time to audit your print collateral. I’ve been working with several clients on their print marketing materials and the focus has been paying off for each one of them. It takes time to look at the elements that are given to prospective customers, but this is very important. Each printed item should feel like a gift to the recipient. If it doesn’t, it needs work.

• Make a list of your competitors and study them. It is very helpful to look at the businesses with whom you compete and notice what they are up to. Are they investing in SEO strategy? Do they have compelling marketing materials? Are they publishing interesting content on social channels? Take note and give thought to where your business fits into the grand scheme of things.

• Seek inspiration. Think about where you can derive inspiration and dream big. Think about how you can take what inspires you and apply it to the work you do every day. So often we get lost in the minutiae of everyday life and stress. Look for ways to elevate your thinking and use those insights to build your brand, amplify your messages, and gain share-of-voice.

• Don’t be afraid to re-share successful content from the past. Republishing content that was successful before with new commentary is a good way to invite even more eyes to read it.

Lastly, I offer you a challenge for the year. Try a new marketing tactic each month. If you try something new each month, by the end of the year you will have 10 new approaches to evaluate in addition to all the successful efforts you have underway.

Enjoy the freshness of the new year and work hard to make the most of this time.

Rebecca Hoffman is the founder and principal of Good Egg Concepts, a strategic communication and brand marketing consulting practice serving clients around the Chicago area and nationally.

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