Both parties agree immigration policy failing

The crisis at our southern border is being politicized by the media to further the partisan divide between Republicans and Democrats. Both parties agree the anonymous uncontrolled mass entry of millions of migrants is adversely affecting states, counties, cities and local communities, posing a growing risk of enduring consequences.

As a nation proud of its immigrant heritage, Naperville Township values diversity and espouses generosity towards charity and helping those in need. For 3 years the Biden Administration’s border policy has negligently overlooked the surge of migrants. Bipartisan concerns have fallen on deaf ears of state and federal leadership. In these challenging economic conditions, taxpayers can’t afford the unsustainable financial burden and unintended consequences we will face due to the influx of migrants.

The challenges posed by the influx of migrants remain unaddressed, with no viable solutions or responses in sight:

· How do you expect educators to run their classrooms when overwhelmed with an influx of migrant children with different languages and backgrounds who are required to be educated without any additional resources?

· How do you expect medical providers to continue the quality, cost and availability of care that our community relies upon when healthcare must account for an enormous influx of migrants into our local healthcare system?

· How can our elected officials guarantee our safety when additional strain is placed on law enforcement and judicial system by this influx of migrants without support?

Our responsibility to stand up for the well-being and future of our children, as well as the community, transcends political boundaries. Republicans and Democrats unite in acknowledging the failure of the Biden border policy. We endorse Republican candidates who offer practical solutions and seek lasting resolutions that protect our communities instead of jeopardizing them further.

Tonia Khouri, Chairman

Naperville Township Republican Organization

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