Nine people honored with Fire Chief’s Citizen Award for performing CPR with AED at Lifetime Fitness in Warrenville

On Dec. 21, eight employees of Lifetime Fitness of Warrenville and one off-duty firefighter/paramedic from the Addison Fire Protection District were honored with the Warrenville Fire Protection District’s Fire Chief’s Citizen Award.

They were presented with a certificate for their efforts in reviving a Lifetime Fitness patron in cardiac arrest.

Fire Chief Andrew Dina along with the incident survivor were on hand to deliver the awards.

On Nov. 1, Lifetime Fitness employee Andy Seitz found Robert Balloca unresponsive. After seeing he had no pulse and wasn’t breathing, Seitz wasted no time and immediately summoned other employees to call 9-1-1 and to retrieve the automatic external defibrillator.

Seitz immediately began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the patient. Off-duty Addison Fire Protection District firefighter/paramedic Ryan Sulzen was nearby and saw what was happening.

Sulzen joined in assisting with CPR. Sulzen and Seitz continued to work on the patient until the AED was available.

Once applied, the AED delivered one shock, and after a few more minutes of CPR, another shock.

Following the second shock, the patient’s pulse was restored. The Warrenville Fire Protection District arrived within four minutes of the initial 9-1-1 call and took over care of the patient. They continued advanced life support measures and transported him to the nearest hospital.

Because of the quick thinking of Seitz, Sulzen, and the rest of the Lifetime staff, the patient is alive today. This incident highlights the importance of immediate response and the presence of trained individuals in emergency situations.

Sulzen's quick thinking and knowledge as a firefighter/paramedic, along with the assistance of Seitz and other Lifetime employees, played a crucial role in providing initial care to the patient.

The availability of an AED also proved to be vital in attempting to revive him.

Chief Andrew Dina stated, “I would like to remind our citizens of the importance of CPR training and the presence of AEDs in public spaces. It is crucial for individuals to be prepared and equipped to respond to medical emergencies, as every second counts in such situations.”

The Fire Chief’s Citizen Award is an award bestowed by the fire protection district to citizens for distinguished acts of meritorious or lifesaving service to their community

For actions taken that resulted in a life being saved:

  • Ryan Sulzen, off-duty Addison firefighter/paramedic. CPR/AED.
  • Andy Seitz, Lifetime Fitness employee. CPR/AED.
  • Steve LaSalle, Lifetime Fitness employee. Support.
  • Colten Unzicker, Lifetime Fitness employee. Support.
  • Evan Mojica, Lifetime Fitness employee. Support.
  • Derek Kirchner, Lifetime Fitness employee. Support.
  • Nate LaCheta, Lifetime Fitness employee. Support.
  • Steven Spiegelman, Lifetime Fitness employee. Support.
  • Megan Lyons, Lifetime Fitness employee. Support.
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