Keep pressing secretary of state on service

I read Marni Pyke's DMV article on Sept. 18. Thank you.

Customers have been expressing concern about being able to get timely DMV appointments under the new "skip the line" system. Secretary of state spokeswoman Leen Yassine says "we're not aware of ANY instances when absolutely no appointments have been available online."

What customers are saying is that they "can't get appointments within a reasonable distance." They can't get appointments quickly. The DMV offices are too few and they are understaffed. Visit one, Mr. Secretary. They're crowded and slow.

Customers have to look online, scour office choices and then drive many extra miles to get service. Service is often times not conveniently available. Yassine's response is typical for state government. She is ignoring resident complaints. How can you fix the problem if you don't

believe it's happening?

I am sick of the DMV's inability to serve us well. How about they offer customer surveys? It's virtually impossible to complain online to the DMV about wait times. I couldn't find a way to file a complaint without naming staff. Heck, I don't remember their names. I just remember waiting forever. I'd like to see where a customer can easily complain about wait time.

I really hope Pyke will stay on top of this issue. I hope she asks our secretary of state about customer wait lines and survey mechanisms that measure service delivery. Private companies figure it out. Government offices care less.

I also hope Pyke keeps pushing for accountability and facts about service issues. Shine a light on this problem for us. Right now, the public just has to take it. Help us.

RJ Young


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