New solutions to live at home longer for older adults in West Chicago

VivaValet is a pioneering tech and service delivery company who's endearing slogan "we love our olders" has launched in West Chicago, bringing a revolutionary solution to olders. With a primary focus on older adults continuing to live at home and serve their unique needs, VivaValet provides fully vetted, trusted and trained rides, handyman, cleaner and meal prep services in the comfort of their own homes, with other services coming soon. Incorporating decades of knowledge base in training service partners in understanding aging and built on technology specifically designed by and for older adults.

The rapidly aging population and the increasing demand for personalized care has created a need for innovative solutions in the older adult care industry. VivaValet aims to transform the lives of the oldest citizens by offering an array of services that prioritize convenience, comfort, and safety. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, and in-house proprietary training in "Service with Understanding" for older adults, it will enhance the quality of life for older adults and provide peace of mind to their families.

As opposed to traditional senior care services that require the hiring of a companion to assist with tasks, VivaValet empowers Olders to have access to the same in-home services as everyone else but with tailored technology and specialized communication and service with understanding training of its service partners. With its goal to support local businesses, VivaValet partners with businesses in the community to deliver these services. Every service partner with the company undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure credibility, professionalism, and capability. With this meticulous screening, an emphasis on non-predatory business practices, VivaValet guarantees the highest standard of service to its clients. Each service partner must also complete a 7 Module proprietary training in Service with Understanding on how to unwind what has been taught about aging, and how to adjust themselves to serve better.

The true hallmark of VivaValet 's services lies in its commitment to utilizing the latest technology expressly designed with older adults. An "easy-mode" incorporates user-friendly interfaces, intuitive design, and simplified features. Their technology solutions ensure accessibility and ease of use. The company has collaborated with renowned software developers and experts in elder care to create customized tools and platforms.

To commemorate the launch of this ground-breaking venture, VivaValet is now available for a limited number of early adopters. This opportunity allows Arlington Heights (Palatine, Des Plaines, Barrington, Mount Prospect, Buffalo Grove, and Wheeling) older adults, their adult children or members of their care circle to experience their top-tier services at an affordable rate.

With an unparalleled commitment to understanding how it feels to be misunderstood as others see you age, or being deemed inconsequential by businesses as an sector of the market to really focus on and develop for, VivaValet is poised to revolutionize the care industry by merging technology with empathy, understanding, compassionate and fun. They are empowering seniors to live fuller, richer lives in the comfort of their homes. They are building an environment they want everyone to feel good growing into.


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