Letter: Leaders' hypocrisy on moving immigrants

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, invited with open arms anybody wishing to come to this country legally or illegally to do so, millions have so far crossed our southern border.

Gov. Abbott of Texas, overburdened with millions of migrants started to bus many of them to so called "sanctuary" cities, New York, Washington, and Chicago.

About Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot has historically declared Chicago a sanctuary city that will embrace with open arms any and all who come to her city. So, upon arrival of the first buses of migrants from Texas, Lightfoot goes on a rampage on TV castigating Abbott for not even telling her what's coming.

So, now Lightfoot turns around and buses many of these migrants that are "welcome" in Chicago to two Chicago suburbs, Elk Grove Village and Burr Ridge, without telling them what's coming. Nice move on her part.

This is the ultimate hypocrisy, while native Chicago homeless people are living in cardboard boxes under bridges on Lake Shore Drive, these migrants will be living in a nice hotel in Burr Ridge, one of the richest suburbs, where an average house is worth $900,000.

This is really unbelievable and tragic, I think even a Hollywood story writer could not come up with a plot like this, actually deplorable.

Alex Fomin


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