A YouTube gem goes to Gurnee and beyond: 18 Rainforest Cafes in 3 weeks

The most entertaining 36 minutes I watched in the last week: a YouTube video by former suburbanite Eddy Burback called "I ate at every Rainforest Cafe in the Country."

Burback and his traveling partner, fellow vlogger Ted Nivison, drove to all 18 North American locations of the chain restaurant in three weeks and documented all the animatronic animals, indoor thunderstorms and colorful cocktails.

And, yes, Burback knows what you're thinking: "That is quite possibly the stupidest idea for a trip I have ever heard in my life," he says in the intro, "and I am in."

Burback reaches his breaking point after eating a plate of Korean spicy stir-fry at the Gurnee Mills restaurant, his 16th Rainforest Cafe of the trip.

He goes into the bathroom and stares down a painting of a tiger amid other animals on the wall, proclaiming: "They're watching me and laughing at me."

You'll laugh, too, at the misadventures of Eddy and Ted as they complete this most dubious of achievements.

Sean Stangland is an assistant news editor who recently discovered that the former Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland is now a giant "Star Wars" gift shop.

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