Repeal of notification law defies wishes of voters

Now that our legislature has overturned the Parental Notification Act in Illinois, what we have is a haven for those who commit rape and incest or who are involved in child trafficking. They can march the young women into an abortion clinic, have her get her abortion and her mom and dad will be none the wiser. How convenient for them.

There is probably a very good reason that 37 states have parental notification laws on the books.

Most parents raise their children to do the right thing, want to support them in difficult situations and should have the right to know when they are making such a huge decision for their lives.

It's ironic that parents must give permission for the same girl to get an aspirin at school or get her ears pierced, but our Illinois legislature has taken away parents" rights, despite polls showing most Illinoisans, even those who identify as pro-choice, did not want this law overturned.

All of this is not to even mention that for each of those abortions, a human life is snuffed out, an innocent unborn child is given no rights and the girl has a lifetime to live with her decision. A few years ago, our legislature passed the most radical abortion bill in the country, saying that a child has no rights until it is born and the mother has a right to abort up until the moment of birth. This is what our radical legislators have done to our state.

It is really time for Illinois voters to take a very close look, not only at our own pocketbooks, but where those who are running for office stand when it comes to the sanctity of human life and make sure they are willing to protect it, not condemn it.

Eileen McGleam, Director

Project Love. Illinois Right to Life

Downers Grove

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