Teaching race theory contradicts King's dream

Critical Race Theory being pushed in public schools throughout the country by the liberals and the Democratic Party is the death of Rev. Martin Luther King's "dream."

I am stunned that the NAACP and more Black activist are not fighting against this Marxist indoctrination. The past 60 years teaching the ideals of King's dream of a color blind society of equality will be wiped away with teaching of CRT.

It is sad that CRT will reintroduce segregation and hatred of the races back into the forefront of American society, which has fought against these issues since the Civil War.

It's ironic that the Democratic Party and its supporters demand that CRT be taught in the public schools, because the Democratic Party started and fought a Civil War to preserve slavery and the Republican Party's founding resulted to end slavery.

It was the Democratic Party that founded, supported and defended the KKK for decades to terrorize Black Americans and other ethnic populations. It was the Democratic Party that enforced segregation with Jim Crow laws in the Democratic Party-controlled South.

Segregation was ended thanks to the civil rights movement and Rev. King in the 1960s. With the Democratic Party demanding that CRT be taught in public schools, it has come full circle. This is a sad state of affairs and CRT has no business being taught anywhere in any school in the United States.

Preserve Rev. King's dream and fight against the teaching of the putrid critical race theory.

William R. Storino


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