Bulls' LaVine a wide receiver? Donovan thinks it could have been

Give Billy Donovan credit for knowing his audience.

Donovan grew up on Long Island cheering for the New York Giants, but when asked a football question on Friday, his answer included an '85 Bears reference. Even a Giants fan has to recognize the greatest team and greatest music video in NFL history, right?

The question for Super Bowl weekend was which Bulls player would be the best football player? The Bulls used to have some accomplished high school football players, like Shaq Harrison, Nate Robinson and Fred Hoiberg. It's not so obvious with the current roster.

"On our team? Wow," Donovan said. "Well, I'd say with his speed, this will probably be a name for you because I was a big fan - I think Zach LaVine could be like (wide receiver) Willie Gault, fast up the sidelines. Yes, he would be very good.

"I think Coby (White) could be a really good running back. We could have some guys. I think Coby actually may have played some football when he was younger, maybe early part of high school if I'm not mistaken."

As far as Donovan's personal history with football, it didn't last long.

"Just until eighth grade, Pop Warner or whatever that was called," he said. "After I got to high school there was no three sports. Basketball was like all year round in the program I was in, so it was really difficult to play three sports and I was into basketball at that point. I don't think I had much of a football career."

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