Can the shower be one less thing you need to worry about?

If you asked an 18-/20-year-old "do you ever think about your old age?" they would look at you like you were nuts. I know I would. Even 30-year-olds aren't thinking of old age. By 40 (only going by my thoughts) I would say "Yea, I'm going to get old, but that's such a long way from now!"

Well here I am about to turn 75 and things are starting to fail. I'm very thankful I'm basically healthy except for my back. It limits me from doing some things (like pole dancing, disco dancing and my usual back flip!). The biggest challenge is getting in and out of the tub. I have slipped twice, even with a handle bar, and fell once getting out (first shiner I ever had). A walk-in shower would be a dream come true. One less worry for me because I have three adult children and seven (most young adult) grandchildren I have to worry about. Hope it's me or someone who needs it more.

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Expert: Dimitris Nacopoulos, president,


"The majority of bathroom remodels we are called to do involve converting the old tub/shower combo into a low threshold walk-in shower conversion. The safety benefits alone are worth the project price, as we all know that one slip and fall can change your life forever.

Looking at your particular tub/shower, we would suggest a product that not only has a bench seat, but also has a few different grab-bar options to ensure you always have something to hold on to for support.

On the design side, based upon the color of your bathroom, we'd recommend one of our exciting new "Reveal" series patterns called the called the Hero Othello in the hexagon pattern with dark grout lines. And because our grout lines are laser-engraved, they have the same carefree maintenance as all of our designs (no elbow grease needed!).

Bath Planet recommends the Hero Othello hexagon pattern with laser-engraved dark grout lines, with a low-threshold walk-in shower base (not pictured).
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