Ives is true role model for women

It just flummoxes me. I see people holding up candidates with an extreme pro-abortion position and presenting them as pro-woman.

Think about it: they tell a woman she should have the ability to unilaterally pronounce a death sentence on her pre-born child, even in the late months of pregnancy, even up to the moment before birth, for some, even after birth. How does that promote the dignity of women, respect for women, appreciation of women?

Oh, yes, they view it as a freedom, but who should want the freedom to terminate an innocent person, especially a child? Abortion violates the sacredness of a woman's body, a violation that has as its only end the termination of her child.

What is the biggest care that I see in women? The well-being of their families, all their family members. Jeanne Ives has got our backs on that. For example, Jeanne Ives sponsored food drives in April and May for those hurting during the COVID-19 lockdown and provided education and resource support to those who are in need of help with struggling businesses. She has conducted interviews with business owners and the Chief Medical Officer at CDH/NWM concerning COVID-19 issues. Her record as Illinois state representative confirms that she is a courageous and dynamic champion of those she represents, a true role model for young women.

Kristin Kocan


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